Aspiring Minds Testing

Test Before You Hire With Aspiring Minds!

Employers looking to hire often need people with certain skills. CareerSource Chipola offers employers an opportunity to have job applicants prove they have the needed skills before the hiring process is complete. Aspiring Minds is a global job skills credentialing leader set up with a vision to create a merit driven talent system and enable efficient job skills matching. This system allows adaptive, standardized, and reliable measurement of generic employability skills and a wide range of functional skills using simulated assessments.

Aspiring Minds enables job seekers to evaluate their job skills, earn industry recognized credentials, and find appropriate career opportunities. It also helps employers improve their quality and efficiency of hiring.

When you list your job through Employ Florida, we provide Aspiring Minds testing at no cost to either the employer or the applicant. Employers are provided scores for each applicant and applicants can be pre-screened for employers based upon the scores they receive.

Testing is available for a wide range of software and occupations including:

Microsoft Office Products, Account Payable/Receivable, Bank Teller Skills, Data Entry Alpha Numeric, QuickBooks, Quicken, OSHA, Arithmetic, Math and Reasoning Skills, and many, many, more.

For more information about how you can use Aspiring Minds to help you find the best people to fill your open position, contact your nearest CareerSourceChipola center in Blountstown, Chipley or Marianna.

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